Read Depicting Justice: My Life As A Courtroom Artist at Orato Online News for an inside look at Felicity Don’s work in court.

“Felicity Don . . . [her] expressionistic painting is impressive.”

- Globe & Mail, November 2002

Courtroom Art

Renowned as a courtroom artist, Felicity Don works closely with Global TV, The Vancouver Sun & Reuters as well has worked with CBC, OMNI, CTV, City PULSE TV, Agence France Presse, Spiegel TV,CNN & BBC. She has been published in newspapers across Canada & internationally. Her work is also highlighted in many crime documentaries.

Originals are valuable not only for their historical significance, but also for the high quality work by a veteran courtroom artist, over 15 years on the scene. “I know Felicity’s work as a courtroom artist and am still impressed by her ability to quickly and skillfully capture a likeness. Highly recommended.” – Suzanne Fournier (journalist) and Art Moses.

Images are available for sale. Also available are court pictures from trials not represented here.