“Very expressive, not overworked, lovely use of colour – spontaneity!”

- Eleanor Suddes

“Looks like [Felicity Don] captured their very souls.”

- Evelyn Jones

Portrait Art

This series comes from Felicity Don’s sessions working with local urbanites in her studio and public areas of the city of Vancouver for over 15 years. She is fascinated by the beauty of people in her urban environment, finding access to specific cultural, ethnic and social groups that interest her visually and/or emotionally. See sample commissions

To buy originals or prints, or to commission portraits from life or photos, please contact Felicity

“We love Felicity Don’s stunning, virtually life-sized portrait of a young aboriginal woman, done in her downtown studio. We had it framed in a black hanging format and it is mounted on the living room wall in our Gulf Islands house, where it attracts a great deal of admiration and attention. It’s honest and striking but also warm and sympathetic, the kind of portrait you can look at forever and see in many different ways. Highly recommended.”
~ Suzanne Fournier and Art Moses

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